Fully Equipped for Every Party
Stripper Poles, Disco Lights, Flat Screen TVs,
  Fog Machines, iPod-CD Ready Music System

Come On In And Enjoy!
Looking for a truly unique experience for you and your guests?

Try The New York Party Bus!
It's perfect for weddings, bachelor parties and nights on the town.

Low Package Pricing!
All our packages are offered at Low Discount Rates, so you never have to watch the meter. Just sit back, relax and enjoy the fun and excitement of partying with all your friends.

We Don't Charge Extras, Period

No Charge for Fuel
No Charge for Tolls
No Charge for Tips
No Traveling Time Charge
No Service Charges

Our Rates Include Everything!




Several Party Buses are now equipped with sing-along & bubble machines for your enjoyment.


New York Party Bus:  Let us take you away in comfort and style.

* Disco Lights                                     * Free Beverage Bar
* Fog Machines                                  * Free Beer
* Live Camera Feed                           * Free Champagne

* Stripper Poles                                 * LED Lights

* Custom Designed Ceilings
  * Ipod, CD, DVD, Flat Screen TV 

PA System to Announce the 1st Dance



 Accommodations for up to 19 Partygoers!

For immediate response TEXT US at
(201) 233-2120!

Our Low Discount Rates are based on Manhattan Departures.  Outide Manhattan, rates may vary slightly.

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